Five more minutes

Eyes groggy, full of the heavy, restless darkness. The darkness that is still present in the space around you. The space that is quivering with the expectation of the day. The day, the day, the day. It meets you, greets you, licks you on the face--and you must get up. Up, push your body into reluctant motion. Resist, resist the gravity that pulls you back down, under covers, into safety. Safety--quietness, the still restlessness of your own dreams. Even restless, they are yours only. And the pillow is the friend, the only one who understands you.

Convince yourself away from these sweet, delicious dreams. Push up, push out. Get free of those sheets, those blankets wrapping themselves around your legs again. Make the sun make you open your eyes.
don't wanna:
wake up.

video by Jonsi - "Stars on still water".

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Maggie said...

This was definitely me this morning--getting up for the day when it is still dark out is definitely difficult!

And I'd be honored if you were inspired by my photos. :) Dreaming is always good.