Count one, two, and three

She held her breath, eyes wide. Her yellow dress ruffled in the breeze, silently, for the whole world waited as the giant toe shuffled closer. Gripping her dad's large, rough hand, she stepped back, one step--two. Her father's gray eyes smiled. She let out her breath, focused on the two big gray legs approaching. Two big gray legs 30 times bigger than her--bigger than Dad even! What have I gotten myself into? she wondered.

Just then, a large, wet something plopped on top of her head. She reached up to feel, and her hand was vacuum-sucked to a hose-nose! Oh my. Oh my! Her dad was laughing deeply, and she smiled crookedly as the elephant slurped up her golden pigtail.

"Hey! He thought I was hay!" The girl and her dad laughed all the way to the merry-go-round.

photo by Randy P. Martin.

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