The wind had whirled around the city all day, lifting pear blossoms off the flowering trees, tripping shopping bags into women's ankles as they quickly walked.  Minutes had been altogether lost by teachers as it blew through their classrooms in the early afternoon.  Gleeful boys ran home for snacks and video games, not noticing their tousled hair and homework papers running away.

The eucalyptus trees felt their leaves whispered by several doors swinging shut all at once.

A girl whom the wind had whipped all the day, walked slowly through the park in the orange glow.  Noticing her, the breeze softened.  Silently, it breathed out a moment it had stolen earlier from a postman.  The girl inhaled.  Her shoulders relaxed.  She closed her eyes and saw the patches of sunlight shadowing through the trees.  Whisking her gently along, the breeze grew her moment until the girl was gazing with wide eyes at the branches of the highest trees glowing in the invisible air.

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