Giants spring from rock to rock, grinning sillily when they miss and splash knee deep in the icy water.  Their guffaws resonate off the valley walls like rock slides--and cause them too.  This is Giant Country, and two smallish people would feel rather out of place here.  And they do: they sit, unnoticed on the river bank, a normal-sized girl, hugging her knees, and a braver, smaller boy soaking his feet.  Lucky for them, the giants are too immersed in crossing the river to notice two tiny people.  But they all together cause tidal waves big enough to keep both children uncomfortably cold and wet--and ruin their sandwiches too.

Now the girl and boy are whispering to each other.  The girl's brow is furrowed and the boy munches an apple.   The giants have almost all crossed to the opposite side of the river from the children, when one loses his footing and falls into the river with a large splash.

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