He followed her for miles, quietly padding over rocks and pine needles, before she turned.  The tiny smile that broke from her lips was the sunrise for him.  He froze, uncertain and awkward, mid-step.

Carefully, the girl bent down and opened her arms.  He stood still but for breathing.  The sun moved in its path.  Still she knelt, arms shaking now, the smile deepening in her eyes.  His starlight eyes searched hers.  

The sky turned pink and orange behind them.  Her breath misted golden in the dying day, her patient arms unwavering.  

Finally, the sun set blindingly behind the girl and the mountain.  At once, the fox knew.  In her eyes, he saw the need of the cosmos, and he would go with her forever if he could, following the sun.

He took a step toward her and was wrapped in her warm arms.

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