When I was a girl...

My grandma took my hand in hers--wrinkles to new flesh--and led me to a grand palace.  Our dresses swished through glass doors.  I was dazzled by the sapphire ring on her finger as we walked.  Then, I looked up.  Brilliant brass elevators lined a marble hall, and people were zooming up and down and in and out of them with astonishing speed.  Everything gleamed.

I squeezed my grandma's hand tight, and she squeezed mine back.  Our eyes had the exact same sparkle as the shine on the elevator doors.  She let me choose the elevator, and I chose the third one.  A woman in a green velvet suit awaited within each golden case.  Her hair--all of the elevator operators--wore short red bobs, so stylish to my small eyes--still is.  Exactly like yours, actually, and I love it on you.  Keep it red.

My grandma told the woman, "Perfume counter, if you please," and my stomach leapt as we ascended to the sky.  Out of the corner of my eye, the woman in the green velvet suit loomed beautiful and glorious.  Her green velvet suit was a luxury I could not resist.  My fingers reached out and stroked her skirt in wonder.  She smiled at me and I dropped my hand.

Red hair and green velvet suits.

I love your red hair.  Keep it red.

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