The only way was up.  Our socks were water-laden, but bare feet had been bloodied by invisible knives in the water.  And water was the only way up.  

"We're searching for the source," he joked.  "For the fountain of youth?"  A hopeful grin.

But my eyes wouldn't smile, so he dropped his.  I couldn't.  Amnesia riddled my brain and paralyzed everything but my feet.  I had to keep walking, but why?  Where?

We paused in a still place, hunched over.  He looked up at me, and his pupils dilated.  

Turning, I glanced over my shoulder.  

A woman sat on a large mossy log, seconds away from where we stood.  We stared.  A grey fox lept up on her lap.  Suddenly, she jerked her head, and our eyes locked.

photo by Robin Mellway.

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