Ellie was born that way, the doctors said.  Her brain was tested by a number of pathologists, small incisions made into various organs, CT scans and blood tests and behavior therapy.  No one could figure out the cause nor even consider a cure.  Her parents were concerned, but they loved their daughter, and they would love her no matter what.

So, they calmly padded their home, cushioned every corner, removed all breakables, covered every floor in plushy carpets.  And then they waited.  Ellie was a fast mover, and she was walking by nine months... The only trouble was she was walking upside down.

When Ellie was born, everything about her appeared normal.  No one had any cause for concern when the nurse placed her in her mother's arms.  But when her father carried her home, Shasta, the family dog, ran up to greet her.  Ellie did a back flip in her father's arms, and hung there, cooing as the dog licked her face.  Mother gasped, and Father looked confused.  But Ellie seemed perfectly at ease.

After that, whenever someone held Ellie, she titled her head back or rolled around until she was looking at them upside down.  Her neck was strangely strong, and her odd habits never harmed her at all.

One day Father realized the puzzling truth: "She see the whole world upside down!"

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