Smallness is relative when you're the size of me.  To you, I seem monumental.  To me, the clouds are monumental.  They reach higher than I ever will, even though I'm always growing.  

You look up and see me and think how small you feel.  I look down and see you and think how you are just the right size for flowers and bumblebees and for dipping your toes in icy streams.  Sometimes I look at you and think, how big I feel.  I hunch over and try to be small, but I only knock boulders at your feet and embarrass myself.

So here's my idea: You be your size, and you love those flowers and bumblebees and trees.  I'll be my size, and I'll love tickling the clouds.  Deal?  Deal.  Hooray!

photo by ben mauzé.

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Anonymous said...

this is joy. i live in the mountains now. i miss you.