Our rainboots were muddy.  We had been trudging for minutes or days: the midnight sun betrayed time.

Then, we walked into a month.  We knew it was a month because the colors had gone that color and the sun had disappeared behind a wall of cloud.

"Lunch?" my sister said.

We ate turkey and cheddar out of brown paper bags, sitting on a log.  Water dripped from trees onto our laps.  Leaves went soggy underfoot.  Blinking rain drops from our eyes, we smiled, and heard a starling sing.

photo by Maggie/Folkloric.


Maggie said...

Ah, another story--I feel so honored! This one is lovely a little burst of magic. :)

heather said...

Maggie, I'm so glad! I love this mini-collaboration we can have. Your photos are magic to me. :)