Standing is a hard thing to do. It took me a long time to stand where I am. I had a lot of growing up to do. I hope to have a lot more growing up to do, but not too much. I wouldn't want to be too tall. I'm just a shrub, really. No high aspirations. I'll just be here, growing until I'm as tall as I should be.

But thanks for noticing me. I know shrubs get kind of a bad rap. But I like being a shrub, honestly. I'm pretty partial to my few twiggy limbs. I know I'm kind of scrawny for my size, but I got a whole ton of rocks and real big shrubs around helping me out, sticking up for me, you know? It's a fierce protection, theirs, and I'm quite thankful. The sun helps me out too. He's giving me a nice spotlight just now. Maybe I'll be able to bulk up a bit. Not that I'm complaining. Would you mind moving just a bit to the left there? Ah, that's nice. Love that sun!

photo by Anna Verlet.

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